Segment 11


The next morning Alex Vraciu and the other guerillas headed north up the national highway. They took a bugler and carried three flags, the Filipino flag, the American flag, and the guerilla flag. Twelve of them were on horseback. Every now and then an American plane would fly over and they would wave at them so they would not shoot at them. Finally they came across a group of soldiers from and Illinois National Guard outfit. The guerillas were fed and Vraciu turned over the intelligence he had with him. Vraciu was put on a jeep and taken to meet with the general. He had dinner with General Butler that night. He ate almost a whole loaf of bread by himself. Vraciu eventually hitched a ride on a PBY that took him to Leyte Gulf. At Leyte Gulf he was put aboard an open boat that took him to Samar. From Samar he was taken by another PBY to Ulithi. Eventually he reported back aboard the Lexington. As soon as he got back he learned that his group, Air Group 20, was being relieved and sent back home. Vraciu knew that the F8F [Annotators Note: Grumman F8F Bearcat single engine navy fighter aircraft] was coming out so he asked to be able to go ashore. He was given permission and went ashore on Guam. On Guam he requested and was given orders to remain in theater. His group commander gave him an unsatisfactory report for not wanting to return to the United States with the air group. Vraciu had the right to rebut the report and did so. When Vraciu got to Pearl Harbor he was told that he was not allowed to fly over Japanese controlled territory because he knew too much about the guerillas on the ground. He was sent back to the States.


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