Segment 8


Kassal prepared to go to London to deploy to Japan, but the war ended before he reached London. He stayed in Europe for occupation duty. They had plenty of liberty and downtime. He was given two options at that time; a regular Army assignment, which he did not want, or to go to Biarritz, France to take a six month course. He chose to return to the states out of Antwerp to Boston. He decided that he should play a role in the government when he returned. He began to cry when he was on the train to New York because he was so pleased to be returning home alive and able to resume his career.In 2004-2005, he sent in his application for the French Legion of Honor, he did not hear anything back for three to four years. He was selected to go to France to receive the French Legion of Honor Medal. He was the oldest recipient there by at least six years. They received first class accommodations from the French government. They visited Normandy and Omaha Beach. He took his Harvard Law School hat because he knew he would meet President Obama. There were 35 men that received the medal.


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