Segment 11


Deen was hit on the top of Wana Ridge [AnnotatorÂ’s Note: Okinawa, April 1945]. He was hit by a Japanese knee mortar. The shrapnel hit him in three different places. He was helped by a few of his guys and was operated on almost immediately. Mortars were dropping everywhere, machine gun fire was everywhere, and it was raining. Deen was flown to Guam and then to Hawaii. He was scared at first because he was put into an amputee ward.One night on Okinawa, Deen picked out a cave to sleep in one night. It was a vault for dead people. There was a wounded Japanese soldier in the cave. He had him captured. From Hawaii, Deen was sent to San Francisco and then San Diego, California. He saw a horserace and went to the zoo. He got on a train and went to Columbia, South Carolina. His parents met him there.Deen recalls getting harassed by Japanese planes on Okinawa. When he and the Marines went to relieve the Army on the south end of Okinawa they noticed how rough the Army guys looked. He was conscious the entire time after he was wounded. He put Bill Jenkins up for the Navy Cross after the war.


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