Segment 1


Bell was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on December 15th, 1918. Before the war, Bell had a business manufacturing desserts. Bell was on a steamship coming from Alaska to Seattle when he found out about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Bell had a deferment from being drafted because he had needed an operation. Bell got the operation and entered the service as a draftee. Bell became an administrative officer in the air corps. He told the people who placed him there that he wanted to be in the infantry. Bell was put into officer training school for the infantry. Bell trained to be an officer at Fort Benning [Annotator's Note: Ft. Benning, Georgia].Bell remembers a specific incident regarding his first duty as an officer at officer candidate school at Fort Benning. He had trash duty for a few days and likes to tell people he started off cleaning up garbage. Bell qualified for the M-1 Garand.


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