Segment 1


Anderson was interested in flying from a young age. Lindbergh [Annotator's note: American aviator Charles Lindbergh] was an inspiration to him. Anderson would go to the local airport to watch the planes.When he was about seven years old his father took him for a ride in a biplane.Another big influence for Anderson was going with his best friend Jack Stacker to an old World War I airfield to watch the old B-18 bombers on maneuvers. It was there that he and Jack met A.J., a Technical Sergeant working at the field.Anderson learned that he had to have two years of college to enter the aviation cadet program. He attended a junior college that offered an aeronautics class.After his first year Anderson enrolled in the Civilian Pilot Training Program and got his private pilot license flying Piper Cubs. It was a slow plane.When Anderson finally got into the air he recalls it being rather slow. When he took his first cross country flight it took 35 hours and was a very structured flight following a road. He could look down and see some cars going faster than he was flying.Anderson chose the Air Corps instead of the other branches because of the convenience.


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