Segment 11


While escorting bombers Anderson was leading his flight to the front of the bomber formation when he noticed a flight of German Me 109s heading for them. The Me 109s passed through Anderson's formation then made a turn to come back. Anderson knew they wanted to fight.Anderson identified the enemy planes as Me 109-G fighters. It was the best German fighter against the best American fighter.The Me 109s started heading back into Germany so Anderson gave chase. One of the enemy planes peeled off so Anderson sent two of his men after it and they shot it down.He managed to slip in behind one of the German fighters and fired a burst into it. The enemy plane flipped over and started flying upside down. Anderson hit him again and the plane went down. Anderson then went after another Me 109. He pulled up to trade air speed for altitude and watched to see what the German pilot would do. The German pilot followed and went after Anderson's wingman. Anderson managed to get the German pilot to break off and come after him. Anderson and the German pilot got into a climbing and turning fight. The German plane stalled first and nosed down. Both aircraft went down then again went into a turning fight. When the German pilot pulled up Anderson got a good shot into the plane. The plane slowly rolled over and headed for the deck. Anderson followed so if the enemy plane leveled off he could hit it again. The plane flew straight into the deck.Anderson's flight shot down three of the four enemy planes.


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