Segment 12


One of Anderson's men came across a German pilot shooting at men in parachutes. He shot the German down and when the enemy pilot bailed out he shot him.While escorting an armada of B-17 bombers Anderson looked down and saw a flight of three Me 109s flying in a tight "V" formation. Anderson rolled and went down after the German planes. O'Brien was above Anderson and when he dropped his wing tanks they fell between Anderson and the German planes.Anderson went after the enemy flight leader. Anderson was about to fire when he got a call from the group commander, Tommy Hayes, asking Anderson where he was. Anderson held down his microphone and replied "I can't talk right now, I gotta shoot." Everyone could hear Anderson's guns going off. That action made newspapers back in the United States.Anderson's men shot down all three Me 109s but one of the Germans shot down a P-51.In early July, Anderson returned to the United States on a 30 day R&R [Annotator's Note: rest and relaxation/recuperation] leave, then returned to Europe for a second tour. It was strange for Anderson to be back in the United States. He volunteered for a second combat tour.When Anderson returned to combat he was flying a new P-51-D which had more guns and better visibility.Anderson did come across German Me 262s. When they were employed properly the only thing that could be done to fight them was to make head on passes at them. Anderson does not know if they would have made a difference in the air war if they had been used properly earlier in the war.


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