Segment 2


Anderson's friend Jack Stacker joined the Air Corps a year after him. Jack was a P-38 pilot and was killed on his fifth mission. When Anderson completed his combat tour he married Jack's widow.Anderson was at work when he learned of the Pearl Harbor attack. He and his friends had followed the war in Europe very intently. Reading about the Battle of Britain convinced him even more that he wanted to be a fighter pilot.Anderson believes that the reason the government created the Civilian Pilot Training Program is because they knew that war was imminent. Many people went to Canada to enlist before the US officially entered the war.Anderson remembers the air raid sirens going off while at work one night. They all left the building and went out into a wide open field.The month after the attack on Pearl Harbor Anderson turned 20 years old and volunteered for service. He volunteered on the 13th of January [Annotator's Note: 13 January 1942] and was sworn in and on his way to aviation cadet training six days later.When he went to take his physical he was given a Snyder Test. He was so excited that he failed the heart rate and blood pressure tests. His family doctor gave him a little white pill. He took the test again and passed.Anderson was authorized to drive to his first duty station which was in Arizona. He was still excited about volunteering. When he left his home he forgot his orders and had to go back to get them.


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