Segment 3


Anderson felt for his wife having to see her husband and son both going off to war during the Vietnam War.Anderson took his preflight training in Arizona followed by primary training at Williams Field in Chandler, Arizona. He then went to San Diego to a civilian contract school. He lived in a motel while attending Ryan School of Aeronautics. There he flew the Ryan PT-22.From there he went to Bakersfield, California to Minter Field where he was taught by army instructors. There he flew the BT-13 and learned night, formation, and instrument flying. He then went to Luke Field where he flew the AT-6. On September 29, 1942 Anderson graduated and was able to land a fighter pilot assignment.His first duty assignment was at Hamilton Field in San Francisco. There he joined a replacement training squadron. He flew his first fighter there, the P-39.After being checked out in the plane he reported to his new station at the Oakland Municipal Airport.Anderson and 4 or 5 of his peers were chosen to go to Nevada to be the cadre for a new fighter group. Being assigned to this new group gave him an additional year of training before going into combat.After the group was declared combat ready they were sent to Camp Shanks [Annotator's Note: Near Orangetown, New York] where they boarded the Queen Elizabeth. There were about 15,000 men aboard the ship when they shipped out. Anderson was a captain at the time and was assigned to a suite with seventeen other officers.Anderson was informed at some point that his group would be transitioning to the new P-51 [Annotator's Note: American P-51 Mustang fighter aircraft].


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