Segment 7


Anderson's first mission was to Frankfurt,Germany. For the mission he was flying wingman for an experienced pilot. There was a lot of concern while flying over enemy territory. There were also a lot of feelings running through a pilot's head. Training helped but pilots still had to deal with the fear.On his first mission Anderson was determined not to get lost.Anderson's leader called out an enemy target and rolled in after it. When Anderson looked down he saw his first enemy fighter and it was an emotional sight.A call went out that there was an enemy on a Mustang's tail. There were 48 Mustangs there. Anderson should have called to his lead to tell him that there was nothing behind him but didn't because he was new to combat and was only concerned with keeping up with the lead.When Anderson was diving to keep up with the lead he heard a clunk and thought he had been hit. It was just the sound of the supercharger kicking in.When Anderson pulled back up through the clouds there wasn't a plane in sight. He finally found his flight leader. The flight leader was angry because Anderson had possibly cost him a kill.The more missions flown the more confident the pilots get. After getting a kill or two, pilots really looked forward to going out.Once involved in a dogfight there is no time to be afraid.For Anderson's second mission his entire group went out with an experienced group leader who took them out on a patrol across France.


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