Segment 2


Baker would send patrols out to the German lines. He remembers one instance when he sent three men out, but only two came back. The third man was wounded and the medic refused to go help him. Baker crawled out to the line to retrieve the man and got him back to their line safely. He received a Bronze Star for saving the last patrolman. From Schweinfurt, Germany they went to Nuremburg. They experienced heavy fire fights in the neighboring town of Furth. Baker was knocked unconscious for 30 minutes and his helmet was damaged. They moved out of Furth towards Munich. He remembers seeing a tank run over a German soldier.Baker was assigned to protect a landing strip near Munich when another soldier asked him if he knew anything about Dachau. Baker was told it was a concentration camp only a few miles north of Munich. Baker and some of his men went up to Dachau. He thought it was strange that there were water-filled moats within the camp. He remembers seeing the prisoners in the camp. He said it was a horrible sight. They were given strict orders to keep away from the prisoners and not to give them food or cigarettes because they were so sick. Baker remembers seeing ten open train cars filled with corpses. There is a lot of controversy about who actually took Dachau.When the war ended they were sent to Rosenheim to accept the surrender of the German First Army. He had no trouble with the German prisoners of war, they wanted to know what was going to happen to them. They were sent into Austria for occupation duty to a resort town called Kaprun. They guarded a power plant in Kaprun. 


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