Segment 3


Baker was later assigned to the Vienna area command under General Mark Clark, where there was a four power command. He was given the task of preparing all of the entertainment for the officer and enlisted clubs in Vienna. He remembers being sent to Rome, Italy for wine with two duffel bags full of money. After occupation duty, he returned to the states and went back to college. He earned two more degrees and taught broadcasting production at University of Miami, University of Georgia, and Michigan State before moving to California and teaching for 30 years. One of his students was Steven Spielberg. Baker recalls where he was when he heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was waiting tables at a cafe on Indiana University. On his way to work, he heard the news over a radio that some of the students and professors were listening to. He did not know what it meant until he heard Roosevelt's speech. When he was drafted, he had two weeks to leave school and return home. His training was tedious. He went through basic first before training on the machine guns. The training guns were left over from World War I.


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