Segment 5


Baker recalls crossing the Rhine River at Worms over a pontoon bridge. They waited on the German side for two weeks before they received orders. While they waited for orders, Baker took his men on patrol. He remembers the Germans switching the road sign around to confuse the Americans, Baker states they had to rely on their maps alone. He remembers seeing General Patton in his command car while on patrol. He talks about his impression of the division commander, Harry Collins, and how he loved the pomp and circumstance of the military. The men nicknamed him "Hollywood Harry." Baker talks about his careers following the war. In addition to being a professor, he did voice over work. Baker recalls his interactions with the German civilians. They would stay in the civilians' homes for periods of time. He remembers one house where they took over the cellar, the house was heavily fortified because of WWI. He remembers one woman who refused to leave the cellar and they allowed her to stay. She had a small amount of butter left and it was destroyed by debris from a shelling. She was distraught and Baker remembers that as the worst part of it, displacing the people from their homes. Baker made sure his men did not loot any of the homes. Baker recalls the fighting that took place at Schweinfurt. The Germans were dug in, but they were able to move through. His men found an underground hospital for German soldiers, there were no American POWs.


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