Segment 10


They crossed into eastern France and had to wade through a river as they headed towards the German lines. It was muddy, sloppy terrain all the way, and they had to carry an assault boat down to a nearby river while also carrying their machine guns and ammunition boxes. They launched into the water with only one paddle, and the Germans were fighting downstream from them, though fortunately they never were shot at. The boat was snagged on something, so Rice jumped over the back end and helped kick the boat free and stayed in the water until he reached the shore. Once on the other side of the river, they tried to set the gun up and prepare for a firefight, but there was no real position that would give them an advantage, so they improvised. While waiting, some riflemen came running up to them and they followed the newcomers for the next few days and penetrated deep into enemy territory. While advancing, the Germans laid down heavy artillery fire, and so they fell back and waited for further orders.


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