Segment 14


Darold Rice says that soon after he was retired from the war and was taken to a hospital in Luxembourg. He ate, slept, and did not do anything but relax. Then an officer arrived and told Rice that now that he was relaxed, they were going to send him back to the front. He could not have gone back, he would have been too embarrassed to face his comrades. So the officer assigned him to rear service and he spent the remaining six months of the war doing logistic duty. After the war ended, Rice remained in Europe and worked as part of special services. He had musical talent, and so Rice performed American music for the American static forces that were left. He entertained the troops in France while they figured what to do with them. Darold came back to the States in December of 1944, and was discharged at Camp Gordon after being busted to the rank of private for being caught in a restricted area. The ride back in the ship was quite choppy and Rice and the rest of the men on the boat got violently seasick.


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