Segment 2


Darold Rice remembers how when he and the other privates reported back for duty no one was at the camp and they joined the officers that were there. They then returned to their barracks and waited for departure for Europe. Finally the officer in charge told them to head to the train station. They then went to a military base in New Jersey and joined up with the 90th and were seen as outcasts by the rest of the division. [Annotator’s Note: Interviewer inquires about his great uncle who served in the same division as Darold, but Darold did not know him] Darold remembers how the last bit of training he had left was the close combat course with a carbine and live ammunition. They trained at Camp Kilmer and then left on a British ship with a British crew for Europe. They slept in hammocks at night and then during the day they would take them down and roll them up to make room for them. The voyage over took roughly fourteen days with no escorts whatsoever. They had lots of lamb and orange marmalade, so the food was not so bad on the way over. They arrived in England and traveled by train to Wales and were put up in a tent city that was waiting for them.


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