Segment 8


David Dennis took basic training with an 03 rifle [Annotators Note: Springfield Model 1903 30 caliber rifle]. They had to keep those rifles clean and had to know how to take them apart. They took those rifles overseas with them. When they got overseas they were issued M1 rifles. Dennis carried a radio and a carbine. He felt bad for the guys who carried the base part and the tubes [Annotators Note: he is talking about the 81 millimeter mortar] they fired out of. At Fiad Pass Dennis got separated from his outfit. It took him two days to get back. The Germans dug tunnels in the hills and when the Allied troops moved through the Germans would run their 88s [Annotators Note: 88 millimeter gun] out on a flat car and fired on them. They killed a lot of guys. The mess sergeant in Dennis unit was the best cook. The captain told him to feed any stragglers. The captain found him feeding three guys who were not in his company. The company commander busted the cook down in rank and made an ammunition carrier out of him. When they had the water cooled they had extra guys to carry the cans of water for the guns. They were no longer needed after they got the air cooled guns. Dennis had a sergeant who hit one of his men who was drunk and shooting his rifle in the same area where troops were. Dennis got separated from his unit when the Germans ran their 88s out and were shooting down into the equipment. Everybody took off on their own. When Dennis took off he was with nine other guys and they were all from different companies.


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