Segment 1


Feightner was in VF-3 [Annotator's Note: Fighter Squadron 3] with Butch O'Hare [Annotator's Note: Edward Henry “Butch” O’Hare] at Maui, Hawaii when VF-10 [Annotator's Note: Fighter Squadron 10] came through. Two VF-10 pilots were lost during training so O'Hare offered to become a VF-10 Feightner. Feightner just missed out on the Battle of Midway.Feightner grew up on a dairy farm in Ohio.Feightner was given a four year scholarship to Findlay College by the Ohio Oil Company. He took his first flight with the company's pilot, Mike Murphy, when he had gone to one of the company's executives to thank him for the scholarship. When they went up, Murphy let Feightner fly for a while. Feightner began flying at night with the company pilots who let him fly the four hour shifts that they were in the air.Feightner flew his first solo flight when he went with Murphy to buy a plane. Murphy began training Feightner in more complicated planes like the Piper Cub. From that point on Feightner knew what he wanted to do. He didn't want to be drafted into the army so he joined the Army Air Corps.


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