Segment 8


Shames begins by telling a story of meeting the chief of the Dutch Undeground, John Van Kuijk, during Operation Market Garden in September 1944. Van Kuijk told Shames of a telephone line that ran from Tielberg to Eindhoven. Shames was selected to go with Van Kuijk to Tielberg to reconnoiter German tanks. Information was gathered by Shames and he reported back to the regiment and passed on the information. Shames describes the men of the 3rd Platoon as the roughest, toughest, finest soldiers in the Army. Shames feels as though the men of the 3rd Platoon didn't like him because of his gruff manner. Shames and the men of the 3rd Platoon fought in Holland for a total of 79 days. Shames set up a system that no patrol would be sent out unless Shames went with the platoon. He rates his non-commissioned officers as the best in the entire Company. Shames would not ask any of his enlisted men to do anything that he would not do himself. As the fighting in Holland died down Shames' platoon conducted almost constant patrolling action to find out the German's positions and their intentions. Shames and his men left Holland and went to Mourmelon, France to re-equip and get replacements.


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