Segment 4


They have docent led tours at the memorial in Portland. It gives Aigner a physical location in which to go honor her family. Local historians were able to put down the entire history of the Holocaust. They were able to compact it down and keep it concise. They have 10000 to 12,000 visitors who come and receive docent led tours. They probably get more people than that. It is an educational memorial. Aigner is thankful that their group was able to leave a legacy. Her sister was not well throughout her experience. She was able to get married after the war but stayed in Hungary and had a few kids. Aigner has stayed in contact with her family members. She was able to bring her mother to the United States in 1964 for a visit. It was a very limited visit because Hungary was still communist. Aigner's mother lived to be 84 and was near Aigner in Portland. As Aigner's mom got older she got dementia and was somehow thrown back into her Holocaust experience. It was hard to see her in that condition. When she passed away she thought she was in the Holocaust. Aigner took her to Disney World 1 time and she loved it. For a long time Aigner was able to put the Holocaust out of her mind. When she escaped Hungary in 1956 she relived a lot of her Holocaust experiences in her mind. She and her husband were truly happy together since they had similar backgrounds it made it easier to support each other. Aigner wants future generations to know that she does not wish what happened to her upon anyone. The experiences are going to stay with her for a lifetime and noone needs to experience that. Aigner believes that every one of us is God's children.


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