Segment 1


[Annotator's Note: The interview begins mid sentence, after the initial story Frank tells the interview begins.] Frank Buschmeier notes that the medical staff and the ground crew worked their tails off to ensure that the guys could fly. Buschmeier spent a lot of time hanging out with the ground crew guys. Buschmeier does not regret his service other then what he had to put his parents through. Buschmeier was born in Madisonville, Ohio. Buschmeier worked for a machine tool company until the war broke out. Initially, he wanted to join the Marines. After considering the option, he realized the Air Corps might play a bigger part in the upcoming war. Buschmeier was registered for the draft. He came home one day and his mom was crying and she was holding a letter. Buschmeier was drafted in January 1943. The services needed men badly at this point. Buschmeier initially volunteered to be a mechanic. Buschmeier was at Fort Thomas [Annotator's Note: Fort Thomas, Kentucky] and then ended up in St. Petersburg, Florida for basic training. Every morning a sergeant came into the barracks in the morning yelling at everybody to wake up. Buschmeier got used to military life and all of the redundancies associated with it. There were so many guys in service they did not have enough physical buildings to house them. Buschmeier stayed in what they called a "tent city" before being shipped off to armament school. Buschmeier met a man who was an usher at the local church in St. Petersburg. Buschmeier was asked to be an usher. Buschmeier recalls the different men who were a part of a church-going group.


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