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[Annotators Note: Interview begins with Frank Guidone and the interviewer talking about Guidone contracting malaria and about the action his company saw along the Lunga perimeter on the first night of the battle.] Frank Guidone joined the Marine Corps on 5 July 1940. He had grown up in a steel mill and coal mine town on the Ohio River. By the time he graduated high school there were no jobs to be had in the area. His father owned a tavern so he worked there tending bar for as while until one of his friends suggested that they join the navy. Guidone was ready to join any branch at that point. He took the papers he had gotten from the navy recruiter to his father. His father was furious but eventually broke down and signed them. He returned to the navy recruiter and gave him his paperwork. When the recruiter told him that they would see him in three weeks Guidone told him that he could not wait. He did not think he would even be able to get home that day. The navy recruiter told him to go down the hall and join the Marines and that is what he did. [Annotators Note: for several minutes Guidone and the interviewer talk about being from Ohio] Guidone has five brothers and five sisters living back in western Ohio. Guidone had joined the Marine Corps in 1940 and went to boot camp at PI [Annotators Note: Parris Island] after which he was sent to the radio school at Quantico. It did not take Guidone long to realize that he did not like radio school. He got transferred to out of radio school and eventually ended up joining the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines in Cuba. That is how he got his start with the Raiders. Guidone spent about six months with the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines getting all of his basic infantry training with rifles, BARs, and machine guns. They also trained to land in rubber boats and Higgins boats up and down the Atlantic Coast. When they went back to the United States the 1st Battalion went to Quantico while the rest of the division went to Camp Lejeune, called New Rivers at the time. Guidone liked training there because he could take liberty in Washington DC. Once the battalion was filled out they were assembled in the theater. Colonel Edson got up in front of them and told them that anyone who wanted to get out of the outfit could do so. That is where they became the 1st Raider Battalion.


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