Segment 10


Ettlinger asked Jacque, a Frenchman, to help him go to Baden Baden to find his grandfather's collection and the man agreed. It was a short trip. He asked a young man, Ike, a Holocaust survivor, who the attachment adopted as a chauffeur, to come also. Ettlinger, Ike and Jacque went to the warehouse in Baden Baden and it still had his grandfather's collection. Jacque wanted to celebrate so they went to a deli restaurant to have a fresh fish lunch. On the way back home, they had to go on a roadway that took a 180 degree curve and Ike crashed the car. He drove the Jeep into a trough lined with Belgium blocks on the side of the road. They had to get 10 men, some of them French, to pull the car out. The lining of the tubing that fed the breaks had busted so they had no breaks. Despite that they coasted back down the three miles to Baden Baden and survived the ordeal.Ettlinger did not tell his sergeant that he was leaving for the day. They were AWOL [AnnotatorÂ’s Note: Absent without Leave], punishable by weeks in jail. Jacque had a girlfriend who worked at the best hotel in Baden Baden. She was in charge of housekeeping. She hid them in the penthouse suite reserved for the Kaiser of Germany. So that night, an American buck private and Holocaust survivor slept in the bed meant for the Kaiser. It was arranged that his grandfather's collection would end up in Ettlinger's home.


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