Segment 11


Herbert Heilbrun wrote his last letter before his final mission. [Annotators Note: a baby has been crying for at least 20 minutes.] The letter is from Tuesday 17 April 1944. [Annotators Note: Heilbrun takes out a letter to read.] Heilbrun flew as deputy lead and one of his friends led the squadron. The pilots landed safely and Heilbrun was finished with his missions. He flew 35 missions and told his parents he would be home seven months after he left home in the United States. In his letter Heilbrun believes that nothing will amount to the Second World War. Heilbrun had a hard time coming to terms with leaving Europe and realizing he is an adult. The war has made Heilbrun religious. He does not fear death anymore since he has faced it so many times during the war. Heilbrun believed the poem Invictus summarizes his feelings of the war.


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