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Hannas family was living in Texas when he joined the Army in July 1938 in Lubbock. He took his basic training at Ft. Bliss and was then stationed there with the Post Medical Detachment. His job was to man the dispensary and help care for the men of all units stationed at Ft. Bliss.In 1940 Hanna took a short discharge with reenlistment so he could go overseas.The overseas posts he could choose from were limited. He and a buddy selected the Philippines. Before leaving Hanna took the maximum amount of leave. He then deployed through a replacement depot.He arrived in Manila in July 1940 and was assigned to Nichols Field. In July of 1941 Hannas unit was relocated to Clark Field on the edge of Fort Stotsenburg. He was at Clark Field when the war started. He was assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron of the 23rd Pursuit Group. Hannas group was equipped with the P-40-E and the P-35-A [AnnotatorÂ’s Note: American fighter aircraft].


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