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Carrington has previously been interviewed by Tom Brokaw and for Oliver Norths War Stories.He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was 1 of 9 children. All of his brothers were in the Armed Forces. He was raised in the Lakeview area of New Orleans. His father was superintendent of Tropical Radio Telegraph Company. They worked with all of the ships of the United Fruit Company and all of the radio stations from Argentina up through Central America.Carrington's father had been in the navy and came to New Orleans during World War 1. That is where he met and married his mother.Carringtons father wanted him to go into the navy but he joined the Marine Corps instead. His older brother had joined the army and his younger brother had joined the Coast Guard. His youngest brother joined the navy.Carrington joined the Marines in July of 1939 because he knew war was coming and he wanted to get into combat fast.When he later arrived at Subic Bay [Annotator's Note: Subic Bay, Luzon Sea, Philippines] he saw an old ship named the Rochester [Annotator's Note: USS Rochester (CA2)] anchored in the harbor. He went aboard and saw that the ship had old Springfield rifles. Carrington helped man a Lewis gun [Annotator's Note: Lewis Automatic Machine Gun]. The ships first name was the New York [Annotator's Note: USS New York (ACR2)].When the Americans began retreating down the Bataan peninsula they sank the ship in the canal in an attempt to block the canal. The ship was sunk on 24 December 1941.Carrington was assigned to the 4th Marine Regiment. The Marines were attached to the navy gun boats in China. Most of the gun boats were scuttled.


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