Segment 12


[AnnotatorÂ’s Note: This segment was a time code drop from the beginning of the second tape.] Armanini discusses how fantastic the Norden bombsight was and how accurate it was. The only time you would miss using the Norden was by human error. He tells about the mission for which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for utterly destroying the target. He discusses watching the results of his bombing through the large Plexiglas nose of the B-17 [AnnotatorÂ’s Note: American B-17 Flying Fortress bomber]. He says that weather was a major enemy of the 8th Air Force as the weather in Europe is usually bad.Armanini tells the story of a mission in which his aircraft lost all of the engines. The engines were restarted and his aircraft eventually reached home safely despite narrowly missing German AAA fire [Annotator's note: Anti-aircraft artillery fire] He describes how he wore his flannel pajamas his mother sent him and he thought of them as good luck.


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