Segment 4


Armanini describes flying back to England along the coast of Spain from Africa, landing the following morning. He discusses how great the Regensburg mission was only because of being able to see the Medina and experiencing Africa. He tells the story of Cowboy Roane and his frozen ass [Annotator’s Note: donkey] from Africa after the Regensburg mission. Joe tells a story about bombing the Ruhr Valley. On this particular mission he bombed a factory and utterly destroyed the target. On the bomb run he describes seeing an American fighter shooting down a German fighter. After landing the pilot, Gabby Gabreski [Annotator's note: Gabreski was the highest scoring fighter ace in the European theater of Operations] came to his base and congratulated Armanini on his bombing accuracy.Armanini discusses the "No ball" targets in which the targets were the V-1 Rocket launching sites. He describes missing one of the targets after making two runs over it. The target was obscured by trees from 10,000 feet. His formation hit the prop wash of the formation ahead of him and he missed the target by about 600 yards. He describes how he felt bad about missing the target after coming all the way to destroy it. Joe describes a mission to destroy the Renault factory in France that built aircraft engines for the German Luftwaffe. He describes the bad weather in great detail.Armanini discusses great detail about how to line up a bombing target when you are flying into a cross wind. His aircraft was attacked by a FW-190. [Annotator's note: Focke Wulf 190 German fighter aircraft] The German fighter knocked out one Joe's aircraft's engines and forced his pilot, Barr, to dive the aircraft out of formation to extinguish the engine fire. His aircraft was alone and out of formation. He dropped his aircraft on a French forest and then headed home. On the way back to his base his aircraft was attacked by several German ME-109's [Annotator's note: Messerschmitt 109 German fighter]. Armanini describes how his pilots took evasive action to avoid the German fighter attacks. His aircraft eventually landed back at Thorpe Abbotts [Annotator’s Note: 100th Bomb Group’s English air base] on three engines. 


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