Segment 6


After the completion of his first tour, Armanini went on to serve a second tour, this time with the 92nd Combat Wing to serve as Wing Bombardier flying B-24's [Annotator’s Note: American B-24 Liberator bombers]. He discusses flying with Beirne Lay [Annotator's note; author of the screenplay for the movie “12 O'clock High”] and dining with him the night before D-Day [Annotator’s Note: 5 June 1944]. Armanini describes how in September of 1944 his B-24's were transferred to the Second Combat Wing and he was transferred to the 13th Combat Wing. Armanini was awarded the Bronze Star for preparing a manual for bombardiers on how to recognize the targets. He describes how he spent the rest of the war doing mostly clerical work. Armanini was promoted to Major and in line for Lt. Colonel before the war ended. It took him a month to get back to the United States from England after the end of the war. He landed in Connecticut on August 17, 1945 after leaving England via Scotland, Greenland, and Iceland. Armanini took a troop train back to California and received a warm welcome from his family. He returned home on September 17, 1945. Armanini was discharged almost four years to the day that he enlisted.


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