Segment 9


Armanini explains how he never thought or worried about dying, he was more worried about his mother not knowing what happened to him if he was killed. He tells the story of one of his close friends who was killed immediately after takeoff from Thorpe Abbotts [Annotator’s Note: 100th Bomb Group’s English air base] who was married to a young wife and had a young infant son. Joe explains that he is a pacifist now because of the war. He discusses how he sweat all the time while flying despite the sub-zero temperatures in the thin air. He talks about how he was never cold at all. Armanini talks about the effects of anoxia [Annotator's note: loss of oxygen at high altitude] on his navigator Howard Bassett. He gives an excellent description of how energized and excited one can become while being shot at and returning fire at 25,000 feet. He goes into excellent detail about the hazards of flying in un-pressurized aircraft in sub-zero temperatures.Armanini goes on to tell a story about “Bucky” Eagan [Annotator's note: Major John Eagan] and how Eagan decided to burn down the officer's club at Thorpe Abbotts after a mission.


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