Segment 5


The Germans would use flares at night and drop them over the American convoy. At night this would illuminate the fleet and make them easier to bomb. The fleet that Crain was a part of helped to shoot down some friendly C-47's [Annotator's Note: friendly fire]. They were coming from North Africa and were not supposed to be over the fleet. They were fortunate enough to be in a position to pick up some of the paratroopers from the planes they shot down.Crain would guide the boat next to the downed plane and the 3 men in Crain's boat would help lift the paratroopers out of the sea. Crain earned a medal for pulling those men out of the water. He was awarded the medal about 2 or 3 months after. Crain pulled out about a dozen men out of the water.Crain was in Sicily for about 8 to 10 days. Most of the time when they lifted anchor they had no idea where they were going. Every last piece of mail that was heading home was read by a censor.Southern France was just another day and another maneuver. Crain did not dwell on things when he was that age. As a kid Crain had the mentality that when something was over it was over and there was no sense in talking about it.


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