Segment 8


After the kamikaze hit the ship it was the end of the war for the crew. She came back to the states on her own power. They transferred a lot of people off of the ship. Crain was actually not on the ship when it came back to the states. Crain was a friend of the points system. He was able to get out of service because of his points. He was checked out by a doctor then sent to Pensacola, Florida and discharged.Crain was able to go home and see his family. Crain was glad to be out of it.Crain believes that the men who operated the Higgins boats [Annotator's note: Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (LCVPs)] should have a greater place in history. The 5000 or so coxswains who helped to deliver the men into Europe had to make sure their cargoes were delivered in order for the invasion to be a success. Crain had standing orders. Go in as far as you can before you drop the ramp. After the last troop had exited the landing craft there were 2 men who hand cranked the ramp back up.


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