Segment 9


Crain watched about the first 10 minutes of the movie "Saving Private Ryan." He is normally able to keep his emotions in check. 1 of the things he noticed in the movie was that the sound was too intense. In other words the surf at least from Crain's point of view helped to drown out the sounds of combat.Crain and his men were very respectful of the men who operated and occupied the boat. Crain knew that when he was piloting his boat it was his boat and no one else's.Crain believes that it is very important for people to know what happened during World War 2. He enjoys speaking about his service to kids. He tries to not talk about the blood and guts and the logistics that were involved being in the service. He likes to focus on the adventure of being in the Navy.Crain feels as if the Navy did not change him much however it did open his eyes to what the world was like. When he got out of the Navy he married a girl from Boston. After they got married he said it was not too long after he realized he did not even like the girl.Crain ended up working in an oil field after the war and eventually went on to a pile driving company. He actually helped do some pile driving on the Touro Hospital facility in Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana.


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