Segment 1


Hawk begins talking about how he refused to go to Washington D.C. to accept the Medal of Honor because he was tired of travelling across the country. President Harry S. Truman came to Bremerton, Washington to pin the medal on Hawk as a result of his refusal. He discusses how he spent several days on a train coming home from the East Coast and spent several days at home, as he puts it, "raising hell."Hawk was born in San Francisco, his father was a World War I veteran and he has two sisters. His family moved to Tacoma, Washington and then Seattle and finally to Bainbridge Island, Washington for the remainder of his childhood. He had trouble in school when he moved to Bainbridge because he was inserted into 3rd grade when he should have actually been in the 2nd grade. Hawk's father was a commercial artist and moved the family to Washington State for work. He graduated high school in 1943 and went directly into the Army at age 18. He spent 2 years and 4 days in the Army. After discharge he went back to high school for a year and then went to college. He eventually dropped out of the University of Washington and enrolled in Olympic Junior College and graduated from there with a 4.0 GPA. He received a degree in Biology. Hawk also took elementary teaching classes and later took a job as a 5th and 6th grade teacher. He also served as a principal of a small school for 31 years.


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