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Mann was born in Germany in 1925 and came to the United States in 1936. His father got a job at an American University.Mann grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. In 1941 he started going to school at an American University. In 1943, his sophomore year, he registered for the draft, and was drafted soon after.Mann was young when his family moved to the United States so he didn't understand the political situation in Germany at the time.Because he was so young, Mann didn't witness much of the persecution of the Jews but does recall seeing cartoons about them.Mann was part of a youth organization through his church in the United States and was at a weekly gathering at 1 of his friend's houses when he heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor.During his sophomore year at college, Mann began to understand the worlds situation. Many of his classmates volunteered for service in the Army Air Corps or Navy so they were able to choose their branch of service. Mann was not a citizen at the time and was prohibited from enlisting. He was prepared to be drafted and welcomed it. He got his draft notice in July 1943 and reported to Camp Lee, Virginia.


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