Segment 19


Jack feels that World War II is important enough that they shouldn't take it out of the history books. He felt it was the greatest war ever that there ever was in the world and that the next great one will be Armageddon. Baldwin recalls that James Lofton [Annotator's Note: Interviewer's grandfather] grew up on a farm and he remembered him talking about how hard he used to have to work. Baldwin also feels that if anybody had come between him and James Lofton during the 1st few weeks of the war, then he would have had to have been bigger than James. They were close. James seemed to help Baldwin all the time. He wasn't afraid, he carried his load, he'd do 1st, it didn't matter to him. They were just old Southern boys and that's all they knew. Baldwin felt James was 1 of the best. He talked about him a good bit until he had met the interviewer, James' grandson. They were together in the beginning during the bad days-- St. Lo, Hill 192. Baldwin loved him to death and felt he was a great guy. He wished that James could have talked more about it after the war. But he worked hard. The remainder of the interview is with Jack showing the interviewer, Tommy Lofton, his medals and a tattoo that he got during the war.


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