Segment 3


15 or 20 minutes later a Chief Petty Officer came and got some men to help him fight the fires aboard the USS Cassin [Annotator's Note: (DD-372)] and the USS Downes [Annotator's Note: (DD-375). The men were hosing down the Cassin when Childers notified the chief that there were live torpedoes aboard the Cassin. The chief told him not to worry about them. They soon got the fire out.Childers could see the battleships burning on Battleship Row especially the Arizona.Childers and the men he was with were told to form up and head to the Marine mess hall for lunch. None of the Cassin's officers were there. Childers doesn't think that there were any casualties other than 2 men who had found a machine gun and gotten into the crow's nest.That afternoon the men ate they were issued rifles and ammo. They went to bed at dark and told to sleep with their clothes on. They had heard rumors that the Japanese were landing at Kaneohe Bay.At midnight or 1 o'clock all hell broke loose. Childers jumped out of the window. American planes had flown over and were being fired at. Several of them were shot down.On 8 December Childers was assigned to the Fanning [Annotator's Note: USS Fanning, DD-385]. The ship went to sea as did all of the ships that could. They steamed out to Wake Island then were called back.Childers was upset. No one seemed to know how to get clothing or pay. Some of his friends from the Cassin told him that they were getting what they needed. After approaching the pay officer aboard his ship he was told to get the forms and the officer would sing them. He did and the men all got paid.The Fanning was assigned to escort 5000 Marines to Pago Pago, Samoa. The ship was caught in a storm the night before going into the harbor at Pago Pago. Childers was on watch and got soaking wet. After being relieved he went below deck he tried to dry his clothes.Suddenly there was a loud scrape. The Fanning had collided with another destroyer. The ship was there for 10 days while temporary repairs to get them back to Pearl Harbor.When they got back to Pearl Harbor Childers was in the radio shack copying the daily FOX. He heard a request for trained radiomen. He thought this was his ticket off the Fanning.


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