Segment 4


Childers went to the yeoman and requested a transfer form. He typed up the request and asked to be assigned to Torpedo Squadron 3 [Annotator's Note: VT3, Torpedo Squadron 3 flying from USS Saratoga (CV-3)] so he could be with his brother. The Communications Officer told him that he would see what he could do.The next day he read the on the info board that he had requested transfer to the USS Saratoga. He reported to the receiving station at Pearl Harbor. When he reported in, the yeoman, who he had served aboard the Cassin with, got him orders to VT3.Childers had spoken to the Personnel Officer in VT3 and asked how he could get in and was told that he couldn't. When he reported to the same officer that man was surprised.Childers' brother was an aviation machinist mate striker. He was happy to be in the squadron. He volunteered to take the generators off of all of the squadron's planes. One night Childers was on the floor in the radio shack when the Chief Radioman came in. The Chief was surprised to see Childers in there working at night. A few days later Childers was promoted to Aviaton Radioman 3rd Class.Childers would fly with anyone he could. He had joined the squadron around 1 March [Annotator's Note: 1 March 1942].


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