Segment 8


One ensign did bail out. He was picked up by a Japanese destroyer. He was interrogated, according to testimony from the war crimes commission, then executed. According to the war crimes commission there were six Japanese sailors who claimed to have seen American airmen on thier ships or in the water near them. Childers believes that the Japanese had a standing orders to take no prisoners. This really upset him when he read about it years later.When they were on their run in they had to chase the carrier. They never made it. Corl lost elevator control and the plane kept nosing down. Even though Childers didn't tell Corl, they had been hit by a 20 milimeter in the port side elevator.Corl told his crewmen that they weren't going to make it. They dumped their torpedo. None of the Zeros came after them. Childers was on the lookout for airplanes. Corl turned the plane to the right. Once they had cleared the antiaircraft fire Childers looked down and was looking into the eyes of a Japanese pilot. Childers stood up in the cockpit. He put the pipper on the Japanese pilots face and opened fire. That was the last he saw of the plane.After they left the carriers the Japanese fighters started going after them. They attacked in two plane elements. Childers tried to guess when the Japanese plane would fire. At that time Childers would open fire. The enemy planes changed their tactics and so did he. Finally, the Japanese got a hit on his' engine.The engine was running very bad. When the Zeros had attacked them Childers had been hit in the left thigh. The wound didn't hurt and he didn't think it was serious. Another bullet hit him in the ankle, shattering the bones. This wound hurt.


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