Segment 11


Bouck was not put in any work detail and was in an area containing only officers. He is pretty sure that he hooked up with his friend Matt Reid at Hammelburg. The Germans gave Bouck a bandage for his leg which started to heal in 3 or 4 weeks. Bouck and the others were put on box cars in Nuremburg and taken to Hammelburg. At Hammelburg there was 1 side of the camp for officers and one side for enlisted. Bouck knows that Reid was there. The men were put in barracks and given 1 briquette of coal per day to heat the room. Their big decision at the time was whether to burn 1 piece of coal per day or save it up and burn 3 at a time. As a group they decided to save up the briquettes until they had 7 and would burn them on Sundays. Bouck thought about escaping twice, but never made an attempt. The Serbs were in a compound next to Bouck's. 1 day a message was received from the Serb side of the fence asking if anyone was from St. Louis. The prisoners new that Bouck was from St. Louis and asked if he wanted to respond to the message. Bouck did and found that there was a hole in the fence between the 2 compounds and that they could pass between the 2 if they timed the searchlights. The Serbs wanted Bouck to come to their side because 1 of them had a brother living in St. Louis. To give himself something to do Bouck went over to the Serb compound and was taken into a hut. Inside he was given some bread and jelly. He met the man whose brother lived in St. Louis. It didn't go any farther than that. Bouck never went back. Years after the war Bouck got a call at his office from the brother of the Serb who he had talked to in Hammelburg. Bouck and the man got together for lunch 1 day and then he never heard from the guy again.


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