Segment 1


Lynn Compton goes by the nickname Buck. Compton was born and raised in Los Angeles. He went to high school and then to UCLA for college. He spent his life before the war in Southern California. His father and Jimmy Doolittle were both from Southern Los Angeles. Doolittle and Compton's dad were friends in high school. They did not keep contact during the war because Compton's father died when he was 15. The Depression did not affect the family. Compton's father never lost his job but held sympathy for other people. Compton raised money for his family during the Depression by acting. His aunt worked as a casting director at Central Casting and was able to get Compton work as an extra. Compton was always interested in sports at a young age and played football and baseball in high school. He went to college on a football scholarship. At the time, all males in college were required to take two years of ROTC and he took an additional two years of training. One of the highest ranking ROTC members at UCLA was Jack Singlaub who was a career military man and one of the fathers of the CIA. Compton majored in physical education to be a high school coach and had hopes of playing professional sports. The ROTC members had to fulfill active duty work and by the end of his four years at UCLA the war was still going on so the men were shipped to Fort Benning for training.


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