Segment 3


After an airplane engine had flown a certain number of times it would be due for an overhaul. If it was in good condition they would fly it and recommend they fly it a few more hours before it was overhauled. Flournoy flew co-pilot on a few missions. She would fly out to Los Angeles to visit her mother. She also flew missions to deliver parts to various bases all over the country. She had to fly new airplanes at low speeds to break the engines in, much like how a new car is broken in. They had to fly slowly to record the instrument readings. The breaking-in flights took about two hours. They only had two types of planes at the navigation school; the AT-7 and the C-60 which that a Lockheed plane. The cadets learned navigation in the back of the C-60 because it was set up for training. Flournoy stayed at Hondo in Texas until the WASPs disbanded in 1944. Most of her job was routine. The people in Hondo accepted the WASPs. She went into town a few times but not much. She never felt resented at Hondo. She recalls Life Magazine running a cover that featured a WASP. Flournoy did not keep track of current views on the WASPs during the war. She does not recall the exact moment she found out about the WASPs disbanding but she did know about two months beforehand that the WASPs were going to be disbanded. She was not aware of the political battle that took place regarding the rights of the WASPs. She wanted to continue flying after the WASPs were disbanded so she wrote numerous places to see if she could fly. She came out of the WASPs with a commercial rating and a multiple engine rating.


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