Segment 4


Flournoy did not have an instructors rating. She went to Alice airport [AnnotatorÂ’s Note: Alice, Texas airport] after the war and continued her training. She never did get her instructors rating. She got a job working for a commercial company; she operated a small plane for them. She married in 1946. They never moved from Alice, Texas. They were married fifty seven years. Flournoy did not realize she was a trailblazer for women's rights. She looks back now and realizes what she did was very important. She has had many women pilots come up to her and thank her for what she did.The living conditions at Hondo were good. They stayed in civilian barracks. There were only seven WASPs with Flournoy at Hondo. She did not have much free time, but she remembers swimming and watching movies. She flew until she had her first child. After that she did not fly again for about twenty years. She started flying again in the late 1960's. Her two girls wanted to fly so she taught them how to fly. Her first solo flight after twenty years was something else. The instructor made her take eight hours with her. Flournoy flew around and in her words she "made one approach but landed fifteen times." Her first landing in twenty years was a little bouncy. Her family ended up buying interest in a small airplane; it did not work out though so her husband bought a Cessna 337. Flournoy never dwelled on the conditions or pay, she was content. She flew all over the country with her Cessna; she also flew to a few of the reunions. Her family had to sell the airplane in the 1980's. The last time Flournoy flew was in the 1980's. Being in the WASPs changed FlournoyÂ’s life. She would have never met her husband or gotten the chance to do things such as fly.


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