Segment 10


After Mervosh helped his wounded friends in the foxhole he realized that he had lost his hearing. Eventually after a week his hearing came back.He still has bad dreams regarding his wartime experience. He sees it as normal however citing that everyone dreams. One of the dreams he has that pops up routinely is the memory of his rifle jamming.After Iwo Jima, Mervosh and his men went back to Maui, Hawaii to train for the eventual invasion of Japan. After two atomic bombs the war was over and the rest was history.Mervosh was with the Fourth Marine Division when it was activated and when the unit was deactivated. After World War II, he served for 30 more years. He was in over four different Marine Corps outfits. His specialty was killing the enemy. In Korea, Mervosh was with the 3rd (Third) Marines. Mervosh's brother was killed in Korea. It disturbed him at the time because he had people coming up to him and saying, " your brother would not have been killed if he had not had wanted to follow in your steps and become a Marine." This made Mervosh very upset.Korea was a different war compared to World War II in his mind. There was a lot of trench warfare that occured in Korea.In Vietnam Mervosh was with the 3rd battalion


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