Segment 11


The Vietcong were a tough enemy because of their ability to conceal themselves and assimilate with civilian populations. The Americans won a lot of battles in Vietnam but they lost the war. Ho Chi Minh knew that if the morale of the US population was low, then he would win. Mervosh believes that one of the big reasons we lost Vietnam was because of the universities and the Jane Fondas that led to protests and lack of support for the troops.Mervosh was at a candy store when he heard about Pearl Harbor. There was a radio on in the store and he heard the radio bulletin. He went to the recruiting office on December 8th. There were lines for days. He was initially turned away and was convinced by his mother to finish his high school career and get a diploma.Mervosh believes that if we had lost World War II we would not have the United States today. He believes that because of the sacrifice of the Marines and the armed forces and because of the sacrifices that the average American made, people need to be incredibly grateful.


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