Segment 5


When Mervosh secured Saipan they stayed on the island for about eleven days. Then they got word that they were going to Tinian which was about two and a half miles away from Saipan. He had diarrhea but was able to shake it off before Tinian. The Fourth Marine Division landed on a beach that was sixty five yards wide. They ended up landing on a section of beach that had a lot of coral. It was one of the most successful landings in Marine Corps history. It was a big deal to take Tinian because of the airfield that put B-29's [Annotator's Note: American B-29 bombers] in range of mainland Japan.Mervosh liked Banzai charges because he was able to kill Japanese in the open. When he had to go through caves and bunkers it became harder.Because of the casualties that his unit was taking, Mervosh was able to move up the ranks very quickly from squad leader to section leader, and eventually to company commander.On Namur, Mervosh was a gunner, on Saipan and Tinian he was a squad leader. From there, he became a section leader. A lot of the fighting occured at dawn. The Japanese thought that was the best time to attack, yet most of the time that was when the Marines were most alert. The weather sometimes took a toll more so then the enemy. Tinian was similar to Saipan in terms of geography and the type of fight.


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