Segment 7


Landing on Iwo Jima was not much different to Mervosh and his men then some of their other amphibious landings. He was able to see all of the incoming gunfire on Iwo Jima as he was landing. It was a morale booster to see the island get hit hard, yet for the most part it did not do much. The naval and aerial barrage that preceded the invasion threw up dust, but other then that the Japanese did not take many casualties.The initial waves on Iwo Jima went in unmolested. As the reserve units landed on the beach, which Mervosh was a part of, the Japanese opened up.People to this day ask him whether or not he saw the flag raising ceremony on Iwo Jima. He did not see the flag raising because he was too busy fighting the Japanese on the northern side of Iwo Jima. At one point Mervosh pulled out his binoculars to take a look at Suribachi because he figured since they were not taking any artillery fire there was a good chance that Suribachi was taken. He usually kept his binoculars concealed because if the Japanese saw him using them he was considered a prime target. He was shot at while he was using the binoculars, but the Japanese who were shooting at him were poor marksmen.


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