Segment 8


Mervosh kept his binoculars in his pack the rest of the battle and he is thankful that he did. About a week after the flag raising ceremony, he was hit in the back with a piece of shrapnel and it was the binoculars in the case that took the brunt of the impact and potentially saved his life.Mervosh remembers volcanic ash being everywhere, even to the point where it was embedded in their skin. The ash helped to absorb the concussive impact of artillery shells as well.He started his fighting at the Boat Basin on Iwo Jima. He felt like he was throwing hand grenades more then he was shooting his rifle.Mervosh was wounded at one point during the battle, while serving as Company Commander due to the loss of officers above him, and the corpsmen came over and told him that he was going to need to be evacuated. He told the corpsmen that he had soldiers to lead and that he was not going to be evacuated. The corpsmen put a "M" on his head and Mervosh wiped it off after the corpsmen left and he went back to leading his men.Mervosh remembers that resupplying was not an issue. They were not trained to take from the dead, yet that is what they resorted to. The men who were dead did not need their water or food or hand grenades. It was all fair game.


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