Segment 6


Before the YE-ZB equipment was installed one of their SBD [Annotator's note: Douglas SBD Dauntless, naval dive bombers] pilots got lost. He had an experienced radioman/gunner with him. The other planes could hear the radioman talking about grabbing the raft so they knew that the plane was going down. The pilot put the plane down on the beach.When the pilot came to he saw a native with a spear who indicated that they follow him. One of the natives had a bible that had been given to them by a Christian missionary. The pilot read to the natives from the bible and they helped him to escape. It took 6 months for the 2 men to get back to their squadron.After the battle they were told where their bombs had landed. It is not precisely known what happened after Kleiss' bomb hit the Kaga [Annotator's note: Japanese aircraft carrier]. According to the Japanese, 4 bombs hit the Kaga.Other pilots had chosen different targets because they couldn't see through the smoke and flames.After Kleiss landed the ordnance guys checked his plane for his arming wires to make sure that his bombs were armed when he dropped them. Kleiss walked up to one of the torpedo planes that had just returned. The torpedo planes had drawn the Japanese fighters down so they weren't at altitude to attack the dive bombers. The dive bombers did experience heavy antiaircraft fire when they made their dives. The torpedo plane he saw was heavily damaged.


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