Segment 7


After returning to his carrier, Kleiss got a cup of coffee and prepared for his next flight. About that time a flight of Japanese planes attacked the USS Yorktown [Annotator's note: CV-10]. The ship was damaged but not sunk as the Japanese pilots reported.Kleiss went up on deck just as the second wave of Japanese planes came in to attack. The ship's antiaircraft fire was somewhat effective and planes from Kleiss' ship were attacking the enemy torpedo planes. Some fighter's then went to assist the Yorktown. Due to the problem with the trigger motors on the F4Fs [Annotator's Note: Grumman F4F Wildcats, American carrier-based fighter aircraft] they were not able to knock out the Japanese planes.The second wave attacked the Yorktown because they thought it was another carrier.Kleiss' group took off at 5:30 in the evening with Earl Gallaher in the lead. Dick Best was along with them. This flight was in a different formation than the earlier flight. It was harder for the planes to follow each other but gave a better field of fire to the gunners.Kleiss noticed that Dick Best was flying very low. He was having problems with his oxygen system.During the first flight Gallaher had pulled out of his dive so low and so hard that he injured his back.During the second attack there were many Zeros [Annotator's note: Japanese fighter aircraft] up to challenge them. Kleiss credits the gunners on the dive bombers with fending off the Japanese fighters.Kleiss was number 4 in the dive. Gallaher missed and the second plane missed. Kleiss hit the Hiryu [Annotator's note: Japanese aircraft carrier] at about the same spot he had hit the other ship [Annotator's Note: the Japanese aircraft carrier IJN Kaga] during the morning attack.]


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